Monday, May 4, 2009

My little brother took a girl to Prom on Saturday and I did her hair she was such a sweet girl and we had so much fun. And of course she looked gorgeous!

Kamen got to spend time with grandma Bracken on Wensdsday April 29th for Grandparents Day, they had a lot of fun, they got to sing to their grandparents, show and tell something the grandparents got when they where little, the grandparents had to pic a picture of there grandchild when they were babies and see if they got it right, grandma did. And they had a picnic lunch outside on the grass. I was a lot of fun and they both had a really goo time. Oh yea they also made an overnight bag for when they go to grandmas house.

On wendsday Kamen had track trials, to see how fast he could run, that fast little turd ran the 100 meters in 17.13 seconds. Can you beleive that?
He is the one up front in the blue sweater.

My little brother got his associates degree on May 1st, we are sooo proud of him he has worked hard and it has paid off.